Wednesday, March 26, 2008

First Mini Munny

I've always wanted to customize a munny, dunny, labbit, and/or maybe a bax bear. Today i finally couldn't help but spend a short time to start off painting this mini munny i bought from Silver Snail last week.

A progress shot and what happened after the first hour or so of painting it.
Waiting for the first coat of paint to dry right now, will update with final result later on! Wish me luck.


So this past weekend we went to Boston for the convention there.
It was an awesome trip, we were able to fund-raise a good amount of money for the Illustration Grad Show. I really love Boston now...lots of great people and all the great The only downside of the trip was that my luggage broke...haha i have bad luck with luggages...

Anyway here are some photos of the weekend.

Best chicken ever.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Busy, no sleep!

Sorry for lack of updates this past week or so. I have been busy balancing my time with school, work and the time for the Japanese Exchange student i took these past 2 weeks.

Even though it was hectic and a bit crazy. I had a super good time with the Japanese exchange student who stayed with me the past 2 weeks. It was a great experience to show them around Toronto, learn about their culture as well sharing my own. I spent many late nights hearing their crazy stories and the wisdom they brought with them from japan.

This is a little gift my exchange student gave me as a farewell gift. Really a beautiful doll set.

Also been doing some contract work and helping an agency with their music/promo video.

Tomorrow I am also heading to Boston for a convention. I will have a table there selling some prints. I will update with new work on this blog as soon as I return from Boston.
Some new paintings are on the way.


Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Here is a little preview of one of 3 paintings I've been working on collaboratively with Elise Trinh recently. Its been a pleasure to work collaboratively this time with her on a book of short comics and artwork in the theme of 'chaos'. The book will feature a total of 14 artists. Chaos will printed and ready for sale next month. It will be around 200 pages and will be sold for approx. $20-25 each. If interested in purchasing a copy please feel free to let me know.

This piece displayed is the final piece of the 3 in the book.

Monday, March 03, 2008

New work and Annex zoo show photos

Haven't posted any art in a here is something today. It is the final version of the first and second of the yin and yang collab i am working on with jack. These were also the pieces we contributed to the show yesterday. We will probably at least do a third one soon to continue the series.

Medium: Acrylic on Panel

The Annex Zoo show turned out to be a great success, lots of energy, music and art all in one. It was awesome to see such a crowd. Anyways here are some photos of the show.