Friday, July 25, 2008

Few work in progress...

Here are two paintings I'm working on right now..
Top one is going to be a collab with my friend Tyrel for the Square foot Group show coming up on August 16th at AWOL gallery in Toronto.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How Nostalgic

Heres a digital painting I did in Photoshop recently. I posted a rougher version few months ago, but recently I had some inspiration to finish it. So here it is.

Its of my childhood...quite nostalgic. I grew up with these characters, as with many of you, probably..

It was fun to do this, also thanks to everyone who bought a print of this at AX 2008 this year.

Here's a little animated gif of the progress from start to finish.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

6x6 online group show.

The 6x6 online group show is up and i've contributed a piece to it. I posted the sketch of it recently on my blog, heres the final version.

All of the pieces are on sale at the show. Check it out here.
Heres a little feature about this show at Vinyl Requiem.

This is first of a new series of traditional paintings i'm starting, the concept for this set will be about human x nature interaction touching on ideas such as chaos and protection.

"Underneath" Oil on BFK mounted on board - 6 x 6

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back from LA, great trip!

Back from LA!
It was an awesome trip. Met lots of new artists, great people and had a great time. Also had some really good food...oh zencu and the food in little tokyo...hahaha

Was awesome to see the project:gallery artists and their studio. The studio space was very inspiring.

Expo was fun, but artist alley wasn't as great as last years, though.
Now its back to work, time to start painting my pieces for the square foot show.

New Links:
Stevie Lewis
Leslie Hung

Here are some photos of the trip..

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

in LA till July 8th

Getting ready to go on a one week trip to LA now..
From July 1st (today) till July 8th I will be in LA for the beach, galleries, and for anime expo. I will be selling prints of my work there, some come by if you are in the area.

Looking forward to visit Lipking's solo show ( in Santa Monica and Project Gallery LA.

I will be updating with new paintings once I get back.