Tuesday, July 01, 2008

in LA till July 8th

Getting ready to go on a one week trip to LA now..
From July 1st (today) till July 8th I will be in LA for the beach, galleries, and for anime expo. I will be selling prints of my work there, some come by if you are in the area.

Looking forward to visit Lipking's solo show (www.lipking.com) in Santa Monica and Project Gallery LA.

I will be updating with new paintings once I get back.


Lisa Tao said...

WOOHOOOO LA!!!!!!!!!

Nimit Malavia said...


Yuta said...

kirin 1.50!!

Stevie said...
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Stevie said...

peter! it was great meeting you at AX, haha I was so scared to talk to epic sheridan people but you were the most willing T-T since I was such a loser artist desperate to talk to gods~

haha anyways, good luck with everything. I will definitely follow your blog, everything looks amazing~ can't wait to see your stuff in galleries soon! hope you can check out gallery nucleus while you're in town, the showcase is really awesome~ :)

pete ryan said...


Peter Chan said...

thanks for the comment guys..lol.
LA was fun!!