Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How Nostalgic

Heres a digital painting I did in Photoshop recently. I posted a rougher version few months ago, but recently I had some inspiration to finish it. So here it is.

Its of my childhood...quite nostalgic. I grew up with these characters, as with many of you, probably..

It was fun to do this, also thanks to everyone who bought a print of this at AX 2008 this year.

Here's a little animated gif of the progress from start to finish.


Jinny Liang said...

Peter! I think this is my favourite piece from you!! Bring more copies to Otakon so Kevin and I can steal some more from you XD!!

Peter Chan said...

thanks jinny! glad u like it. i'll be sure to bring some more extra copies this time to give u two one. XD

Anonymous said...

wow, that's epic. My childhood is right there!

Title is so fitting too, nice lighting. :)

Jeffrey Jing-hei Cheung said...

very nice peter, and thanks for dropping by. i like the 3Dness you tried to render them like.
me, im just exploring singapore and having fun!

Peter Hong Chan said...

anon: thanks, glad you like it and the title..lol

jeff: hey! Thanks, u're in singapore right now? woww awesome man!!!