Monday, May 26, 2008

2d Artist Magazine Article Feature

Hey guys,

Still in Japan..will be here for a little while longer..its super awesome over here..

Anyways, I really want to post some sketches and drawings i:ve been doing here, but unfortunately I have no access to a scanner.

However, some good news today.

I received an email from the editor of 2dartist magazine
May 2008 issue of 2dartist mag is out and I had the pleasure to write the sketchbook article this month.

They gave me the following link to my article and told me I can share it for promotion of their mag

Of course, if interested in viewing the rest of the mag you`d have to buy the full Magazine.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Orphan Works Update

This might be a little late, but I think i should still post it.

Dont loose ownership of your art, this is a big issue in the art community right now.

Directly quoted from

IMPORTANT MATTER FOR ARTISTS - we must take action today! Do not lose ownership of your art!

Hi everyone,

The text below will be self-explanatory. There is an important issue facing us as artists, related to the copyrights of our works, which corporations wish to control and take at our expense, We must put a stop to this immediately unless you wish to see others owning and plagiarizing your art.

This is too important to ignore please participate and forward to your others.

House version:

Senate version:

Congress is rushing these bills through to a floor vote. The House will start marking up their version of the bill at 2:00 today; the Senate will do so tomorrow. To try to stop this bill, we first need to slow down the race to get it passed.


Take Action: Don't Let Congress Orphan Our Work

We've set up an online site for visual artists to e-mail their Senators and Representatives with one click.

This site is open to professional artists, photographers and any member of the image-making public.

We've provided sample letters from individuals representing different sectors of the visual arts.

If you're opposed to the Orphan Works act, this site is yours to use.

For international artists and our colleagues overseas, we've provided a special link, with a sample letter and instructions as to whom to write.

2 minutes is all it takes to write Congress and protect your copyright:

Please forward this message to every artist you know.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

In Japan

Sorry for the lack of updates, havent had internet to check email for a while, even though I am in Japan right now.

Will be updating with art related things happening during my exchange program/trip in Japan. Photos, etc.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Show aftermath

Alright, time for an update about the show..
It was a great success, lots of people showed up, everything went pretty smoothly.
Had a chance to meet many, but also missed a few. All in all though, one of the best shows yet!

Here are some photos of the show.

This was my setup..

and a few other photos i took of the show...