Monday, May 26, 2008

2d Artist Magazine Article Feature

Hey guys,

Still in Japan..will be here for a little while longer..its super awesome over here..

Anyways, I really want to post some sketches and drawings i:ve been doing here, but unfortunately I have no access to a scanner.

However, some good news today.

I received an email from the editor of 2dartist magazine
May 2008 issue of 2dartist mag is out and I had the pleasure to write the sketchbook article this month.

They gave me the following link to my article and told me I can share it for promotion of their mag

Of course, if interested in viewing the rest of the mag you`d have to buy the full Magazine.


Lisa Tao said...

thank u peter chan! i was soooooo excited XD
we'll do something like that again when u come backk =D

Cyprian said...

Great stuff man...proud of you. I'm a big fan of sketches...always a blast to look at. I'll read through it later.

I'd post here more often, but as you may have noticed (or haven't :P ), I'm having a difficult time posting on my own blog. Enjoy the rest of your summer break...I know it's a wicked one for sure.

Cyprian said...
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Lettie said...

yay awesome peter!

Thomas A said...

nice peter! nice! tell me about japan soon!

Lainey said...

congrats!! you're crazy man <3