Friday, June 12, 2009


Had this image in my mind today...just an idea...

Its rough but here it is anyway since i haven't posted anything for a long time..hope this will start things up and stir the art energy of personal work again..

Want to explore different methods of image making.

Maybe use this to paint something bigger?

Acrylic, Gesso, and Digital

Good night, hope tomorrow is a beautiful day.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Protectors of Nature Tee

My friend Hieng recently started a new online store called 1%talent. Go check it out!

Available are a lot of awesome shirts as well as one of our collaborative designs called 'Protectors of Nature'. It was a screen i worked on earlier when i was doing silk-screening last year.

'Here comes the Protectors of Nature, Be kind to nature or they won't be kind to you.'
Hand Printed on super soft 100% espresso brown cotton shirt
If you're interested you can now purchase it through the site.

A much needed update on art is coming soon. :)