Friday, December 03, 2010

The flying whales and sharks

Something I found that was especially interesting about the dream comments from the last post is that some of my own experiences has been similar to yours. Like dreaming of flying giant whales in the sky, strange that some of you also dreamt of whales or flying sharks - perhaps these beings are of some significance in our mysterious subconscious. The idea of the 'painless' death in a dream was also something that remained in my thoughts and wonder before.

I remember dreaming of a white whale in the sky, giving dreams and hope a chance. These 'beings' are often made of many little bits and parts, some more clear, some more blurry.

When I wake up in the morning, in between adjusting to everyday reality and the dream state... I would pick up a pencil and some sticky notes or scrap paper to jot down and document some of these strange things that had been floating in the depths of my mind.

Below is an example of one:

Also, here is something that has formed.

"miss you, a thousand"
5'' x 8''
mixed media