Friday, December 03, 2010

The flying whales and sharks

Something I found that was especially interesting about the dream comments from the last post is that some of my own experiences has been similar to yours. Like dreaming of flying giant whales in the sky, strange that some of you also dreamt of whales or flying sharks - perhaps these beings are of some significance in our mysterious subconscious. The idea of the 'painless' death in a dream was also something that remained in my thoughts and wonder before.

I remember dreaming of a white whale in the sky, giving dreams and hope a chance. These 'beings' are often made of many little bits and parts, some more clear, some more blurry.

When I wake up in the morning, in between adjusting to everyday reality and the dream state... I would pick up a pencil and some sticky notes or scrap paper to jot down and document some of these strange things that had been floating in the depths of my mind.

Below is an example of one:

Also, here is something that has formed.

"miss you, a thousand"
5'' x 8''
mixed media


Monstertree said...

Fascinating, keeping a dream diary is an immense source of inspiration. I look forward to more from the depths of your mind ;)

Scott Altmann said...

Very cool sketch1 Yeah - I've had reoccurring dreams of elephants attacking these old Wright Bros. planes , but I haven't had them in a while. I also keep a pad by my bed just to jot down interesting visuals I may get in dreams. Our subconscious is often times more interesting and introspective than our conscious.

Chanp said...

thanks guys, glad you like the sketches.

*especially some more rough works and process.

@scott that sounds like a good one - elephants attacking old wright bros

interesting that other artists do this too - keeping a pad by the bed, sometimes i feel the ideas and randomness coming from dreams are definitely one of a kind.

Peter Fong said...

Thanks for checking out my blog :)

I like your blog very inspiring for me! Nice to meet you

MJC *-* said...

Hi, thank you for your nice comment, i see you are a wonderful artist.
Great that you have a publication in Spectrum, how can you get in? Do you have to send pieces and pay a fee?

I see that you made stamps out of gum and i have done that to a couple of years ago. So cool, i'm going to make one for the sketchbook project. :)

Jade said...

love the sketch. i remember seeing a video where a flying whale was actually really noisy sounds,

Chanp said...

Thanks for the kind comments guys.

@MJC yup, perfect timing actually. Spectrum's next issue has a call for entries right now thats due late January 2011 you can find out more info here:

great to hear you are going to do some linoblock printing for your sketchbook as well!

@Jade thanks :) you gotta send me that video

Becky-May said...

this is amazing!



Anonymous said...

Cool! Looking forward to see more.

Laura Braga said...

Great great works Chan, my compliments for you latest works!
...and a special wish for a merry Christmas and happy new year!!

See U and Good works!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Beautiful sketches! You are so talented!! xoxoxoo

Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

I love the "Miss you..." one. So wonderful, like someones image just poping through the fog of memories, like the only clear thing one can see. so so great