Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spectrum 17 and Winner of the last giveaway

I am very happy to be part of this year's Spectrum 17 book, which is already available on sale at and in stores near you.

In the last blog post, I did a little giveaway and asked some of you to leave an email for a chance for a giveaway prize, and if you want, to share a dream of yours.

The winner of the last giveaway is..
Congratulations, popobrown you win a zine, gocco print and also a lino-cut print.

The following runners up will also be receiving a gocco print:
Cliff Roth
Charles Santoso

Thank you everyone for sharing! I had a lot of fun reading and learning about your own experiences of dreams. I will be trying to do more of these giveaway in the future!

In my next post, I will be sharing some experiences of my own dreams and drawings of them.


Vanilla said...

Congratulations on having your work in Spectrum 17, your work looks fantastic in print! I'm very interested in buying this book, looks like a lot of great artwork! Guess I'll go take a look at Amazon :)

Scott Altmann said...

congrats on Spectrum Peter! I love that piece :)

Hyein Lee said...

Woot woot! Congratulations!!! :D
So talented!

Charles Santoso said...

Congrats Peter! and thanks so much for the Gocco print! :D

SaraLynn said...

Oh my goodness - really?! How exciting! (My email is Thank you so very much!

Also, a BIG congratulations on being in Spectrum. They publish only truly wonderful works!

Greyce Young said...

aww You're too sweet Peter. You guys were so amazing and talented. I'm glad to see the business doing so well. It's just beautiful art from everyone!

Thanks for being so nice to all of us <3 It was amazing to meet you. Awesome that you looked my blog up :) Definitely stay in touch.

congrats on spectrum! YAY~~
do let us know when you're back in Cali.

Chanp said...

Thank you for your comments everyone! Means a lot to me.

@Greyce Thanks - will let you know when im back to Cali. For sure sometime next year!