Thursday, October 28, 2010

Post-Canzine 2010, Updates, and Give-away

Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well.
First off, I wanted to announce the winners of the last giveaway on the blog of the two lino-cut original prints. Since there were 14 comments, I numbered 14 pieces of paper and picked out two from a hat. And the winners are...

#8 and #10! Which are... Hannah Bacalla and Carrie Rodriguez! Congratulations - I will be sending you each a lino-cut print piece.


Recently, I have been busy working on several things as well as preparing for Canzine 2010 which happened just this past weekend. I have posted some pictures from the event on my flickr.

It was an awesome experience and had a great time. I had some zines titled 'daydream, nightdream' for sale at the show, as well as lino-cut prints, gocco prints and giclee prints.

Thank you everyone who stopped by and picked up a copy or print. It was great seeing familiar faces as well as meeting new ones. I still have some copies of the zines and prints left, so if anyone is interested in any of the items, please get in touch with me at

The zines - a collection of written thoughts, sketches, photos that inspires me. 28 pages - black and white.

The gocco prints are limited run of 50, hand numbered and signed.

The giclee prints of 'distant' are limited edition of 31, hand numbered and signed.

The lino-cut prints are limited to 50, hand numbered and signed.

And...this also brings us to another little giveaway, to enter this one, simply reply to this blog and leave your email. If you are open to it, I would also like to know what your best dream was like, whether it'd be a good dream or nightmare (who knows, to some people a nightmare may have been a best dream). The winner will receive a package which includes the zine, the mini gocco, as well as a lino-cut print! I will also be giving away gocco or lino-cut pieces to a few selected others as well!


Cassandra said...

I wish I had been at Canzine! Your zines look so nice, they make me want to create one of my own drawings.

My favorite/best dreams are always about whales. They're always peaceful and I wake up happy. I'll be getting a tattoo of one in the future because of these.

Cliff Roth said...

rothcli at yahoo dot com

Hard to say what my best dream was. There have been many over the years that seemed so real and to have taken up more time than I was actually asleep. I generally wake up from them and immediately wish I was back asleep but even if I did go back to sleep I couldn't simply pick up where I left off.

Those dreams (my favorite ones) typically involve living completely different life rather than a mixed up version of my waking life.

Jade said...

The zines looks really great, and the distant makes my 2 favourite on this list.

My best dream is when I thought i got up on time, and arrived early for my class, only to wake up and find that it was a dream.

And i was late for class ):

heika at!

Charles Santoso said...

This is awesome, Peter :D

well.. I have this dream recently where I've received an 'Amazon' parcel.. which has every single things that I really really wanted (for some reason I knew it haha).. and when I opened it.. there was this bright light coming out (indiana jones style) and then... I woke up. -_-"

I was a bit depressed for the rest of that day. lol :)

Joyce said...

Lovely prints! It's great to see you're keeping up with personal art in addition to your work.

Too bad Canzine always falls in midterm season, I would've really liked to visit. I heard it was super crowded! Hope you had a good time there. :)

teruterubozuu said...

Aw I wish I was there! Your drawings look awesome.

My most memorable dream was one where my friends and I as well as my elementary school's fattest teachers... >< went to the beach, and all of a sudden we were attacked by sharks. So we ran, but then the sharks jumped out of the water and flew. Sigh so these flying sharks were chasing us. Yep, it was pretty terrifying.

Chanp said...

thank you everyone for your comments and sharing all your dreams so far! Its been great reading them all!

@Cassandra - thanks, there is always next year! Its a great event, lots of fun. Definitely go create some drawings now!

@Cliff interesting dreams, thanks for sharing!

@Jade lol! I had those back when i was in school.

@Charles wow, interesting. Its always exciting to receive a new package in the mail.

@Joyce thanks- Canzine was great, definitely lots of fun all packed in a day.

@teruteru thanks! wow and i have dreams of flying whales..haha flying sharks are cool too!

Nicola said...

Hi there thank you for your visit to my blog, what beautiful art you create, so delicate! Lovely work :0)

Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

Love your work. Am following now so I defo c u around! :-)


Johanna Urban said...


Beautiful!!! I will follow you :) !!!

And thank you for your comment ;P

johanna, sweden

Katie said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my artwork x
Wow, your art is simply amazing, you have such talent! Just loving your style...keep up the awesome work I look forward to seeing more of creativity!!!


I really like that one called "distant"

nice works

SaraLynn said...

Your prints are so beautiful and have such an elegant and calming feel to them. I love the flower and the coloring...

My best dreams are the ones that make me feel like I've been in a real place, and keep me thinking about that dream place long after the dream has ended. Sometimes they are happy, sometimes scary, but I am always intrigued when my mind seems to make up its own world that is so believable!

Alina Chau said...

These are lovely!!

yeevon said...

I love your artwork :D
Especially the girl with the blue background!

popobrown said...

Peter, that zine looks fantastic! Your photography is great too =p

I actually have a blog where I record my dreams, since the majority of them are so adventure-y and crazy... Of course, the nicer dreams are never as interesting...

It's a little difficult to pick my best dream but let me talk about my latest memorable dream...

Basically, I was one of seven children of a royal family, and happened to have premonition powers (I can glimpse bad things that are about to happen) ... One of the king's (my father's) advisers/friends was evil and tricked the king so that one of his children will die (details forgotten.. lol)... I get lots of premonitions and somehow figure out certain details but know that I can't change the death of a brother/sister, so i take that place and sacrifice myself to foil the evil plan (not sure if i would do this irl lol)... but during my non-painful'death' i go into another place (of mind?) ... and i wake up... hahah

ya it definitely sounds like something from a movie... but then again, i had matrix dreams with neo in them.. =p

Thanks for the topic, was interesting to read... You should post your best dream too!

popobrown [@]

Chanp said...

@Cereal Killer
Thank you for the kind words! Means a lot.

Thanks for sharing your dream, that was great to read. I could picture it.

thanks - i am going to visit your blog about dreams. Thanks for sharing and what an interesting dream story!

Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

Hey Peter, it was fun hanging out with you at CTN. Hopefully you do decide to revisit baltimore. Keep up the good work, the print i got is definitely one of my new favorites. Im going to link you on my blog too. see ya next year!

Rafael Sarmento said...

Do you still have some of these zines available man...? (wispers of desire and art lust)