Friday, November 28, 2008

Less Fruitcake.. @ T and P Gallery

Going to be a part of a show in Philadelphia, really happy and excited to be part of this one, it will be my first real group show in the 'low brow' type gallery. To be showing with talents like Angry Woebots, Scott Musgrove, Dan May, etc is my humble pleasure. Thank you to T & P Gallery for this awesome opportunity.

Hopefully more of these to come in the next year. Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I have been busy with work and trying out new methods of working. I will post more about those soon. Looking forward to new things.
Feel free to drop by the show if you are in the area. Opening night is Dec 5th.

Would've loved to do more piece for this show but I just got too busy this past month, so I will have one painting for the show. One that I previously featured..

"Rebirth of Adam" oil on wood 6x9


Lettie Lo said...

wow so cool the name of the show is called less fruitcake :D

Thomas A said...

Good job peter pann! im proud of you! haha

Peter Hong Chan said...

Lettie: lol yea cool name
thomas: thanks man!! hows it going in england?