Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More lifedrawings & Studies

Here are some more colour lifedrawings and painting studies. Some of them are short poses about 2 - 5 mins paint gestures and others are longer studies ranging from about 15-30 minutes.

I've always wanted to try using acrylic in shorter poses for lifedrawings, its really tough and I have to mix my paint frantically..haha..but its fun with all the pressure, you also don't know when the pose will change since its in such a short time. It makes me think how I can paint fast and get down as much as I can before the pose changes.

Check out my friend Lettie too she has some nice acrylic studies as well


rikit said...

wow impressive

and looks fun too :)

Lisa Tao said...

the huge ass lady looks cool peter ;D

Lettie Lo said...

i love bums <3

Johnathan Floyd said...

I agree! The hips on the lady look great. Its those kind of figures I like to draw for fun.

Peter Hong Chan said...

Thanks for the comments guys.
Lisa: lol thanks i knew u'd like that one.
Lettie: hahaha
Johnathan: Thanks!

Andrew Chan said...

really beautiful work man!

Hyein Lee said...

Beautiful work!
I don't think I've ever seen your life drawings before. Weird, eh?

You get to do life drawings before work?!? Awesome!

Peter Hong Chan said...

andrew: thanks man
hyein: thanks hyein! hmm i guess we were never in the same lifedrawing class eh?
I haven't seen urs too!
Yea, sometimes I'll go in sheridan to do some lifedrawings, great way to warm up and start the day.

Joyce said...

I really like your acrylic ones! :)

Peter Hong Chan said...

Thanks joyce, glad u like them :)

Stevie said...

wow I really love what you're doing lately! So inspirational. You and Lettie make acrylic look so effortless! :) Just saw your collab with B.Chiu too~ you are amazing peter! :D

Ian Herring said...

Hey Pete, great new work. Do you have life drawing sessions right in your work? Sounds like a fun day job. Cya around.

Peter Hong Chan said...

Stevie: Thanks Stevie! Glad you like them and the collab. Hehe Acrylic is fun, you should try it too! Its a versatile medium, use it like thin or thick.

Ian: Hey man, nice to see u around!
thanks for the comments, I don't have life drawing at my work but my coworkers T and Bobby both teach lifedrawing in sheridan. so i sneak in to draw whenever I can.

laura zheng said...

thanks for stopping by my page..
this post really has me wanting to try acrylics at lifedrawing too
cool stuff!