Wednesday, January 28, 2009

albireo Sketchbook, bits of watercolour studies

Happy New Year everyone! Late but never too late...its still January.

Thought I'd post some of these unfinished drawings/studies from 2008.

Those who know me know that I am a sketchbook junkie..well maybe not junkie..but I remember someone telling me 'everytime i see you in lifedrawing, you are like using a dif'..i guess it suits me well...

Anyways, there are quite a few different kinds of sketchbooks i've bought last year and they are still empty..looking forward to try some of these and fill them up this year.

Finally started this 'albireo' sketchbook i got while I was in Japan in May 2008. So far so good, its a great sketchbook as you can peel out the pages easily, so if you don't like a piece, it is easily removable :)

These are mostly life studies etc, the first is a 30min to 40 min i acrylic, the 2nd one are 20-25 mins watercolour, and the nude is 20 mins i think, i remember painting frantically to finish that one. hehe

New year resolutions:
-paint paint paint and draw
-finish some good illustrations with meaningful concepts
-continue to learn cooking, maybe make some good quality stuff by end of the year..haha
-continue workout, keeping motivated
-finish reading these books i have in mind...

...I guess thats all for now, lets see if they will stick.


Christie said...

Woahs, kickass art blog Peter!

And yep apparently I do Blogspot, but not much updating haha

I'm not sure about AX yet, but I'm pretty sure I will. It's so close I might as well. Are you going?

Fabian said...

Hey Peter!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Am im happy you did for it gave me the opportunity to discover your work. Beyond amazing! I really love it! And i am impressed on how fast you illustrate and get these perfect results! I will be following you :)
Have a great week!

Peter Hong Chan said...

Hey Christie! Nice to talk to you again! Haha cool, I think i will go too, but nothing solid is set yet.

Fabian: thanks fabian for your comment, glad you enjowed the work.

Joyce said...

Great life studies! I still don't know how you can mix your colours and paint so quickly! When you're working with acrylics on paper, do you thin it down?

Hyein Lee said...

Har... me too.... I buy too many sketchbooks even before finishing them. Albireo sketchbook? I'm interested!! Show me sometime?

Beautiful drawings again, but that's expected of Mr. Chan.

Peter Hong Chan said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

Joyce: Thanks. I usually make a limited palette so that I will use only a certain few colours and keep them all unified.

Yup, i'll usually thin the acrylic down a bit before I put it down on paper, sometimes i use it like watercolours, but its cool cause you can keep building on top since acrylics are so forgiving. :)

Hyein: Haha really?? Ohh you gotta show me your sketchbooks! i'll show you sometime for sure, whenever I come over to your place or something!

Wendy said...

Nice sketches / studies, Peter!

And I must say I have some of the same resolutions! Yay working out (perhaps more when the weather is better...)