Wednesday, August 05, 2009


6''x7'', Acrylic and Gesso on Paper

Yea, kinda crazy lately, need to post and update this blog more.. so heres a sketch again. Need more time to do finished pieces...

Leaving for Chicago tomorrow, will be back on monday!

Something just for fun..


Hyein Lee said...

Wow!!! A lot darker than your usual stuff! I can tell you've changed since we graduated. Awesome creepy work. :D

Another trip?! You must be very tired. Are you at Fan Expo end of the month? I got a table. Hope to see you there!

rikit said...'s cool!

its good to see you posting again

Joyce said...

Awesome painting, very moody!
i've always wanted to try acrylic on paper, but always get too lazy to bring out the paints... What kind of paper do you use and do you do anything to the surface beforehand? o:

Peter Hong Chan said...

thanks for the comments guys.

hyein: a lot darker eh..hmm interesting..haha i guess we all change..finding our own little ways..
yup, going to be at fan expo!! looks like i'll finaly see hyeinpain there. lol

chu: thanks, im glad to be posting again too..

joyce: thanks. the paper i painted on here is just a sketchbook paper. it was this big purple sketchbook i got at aboveground art supplies beside ocad..the paper is nice and thick and seems to take acrylic pretty can use any thick watercolour paper and it would take paint pretty well.

hmm i painted this one with acrylic paint and gesso. Didn't really prep the surface, just went with it, its pretty fun to paint spontaneously.

Lettie Lo said...

wow i kinda like this kinda dark and gloomy feel . keep it up!