Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Upcoming Show: Hello Kitty Three Apples

For the last little while or so, I've been really busy day and night working on a new piece for an upcoming show I mentioned earlier.

The piece is finally finished now and at the framers. It will be sent out to the gallery in a few days for the Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary show titled "three apples" curated by Jamie from Japan LA.

The show will be opened to public on October 23rd and will be at Royal T in Culver City, Los Angeles.

Its looking to be a great show with an artist lineup such as Bobby Chiu, Kei Acedera, Edwin Ushiro, Gary Baseman, Ron English, Natalia Fabia, Camilla D'Errico, Buffmonster, Yoskay Yamamoto, Tessar Lo, Travis Louie, Nate Frizzell, Frank Kozik, Colin Christian, Tara McPherson, and many many more. Please check here for more information on the artists in the show.

I am really looking forward to this show and seeing other artist's work up close in person!

Right now, I can't release the piece yet until they make it public on their website. So please keep checking back, there are some great pieces up already!

I will be flying down to LA with my friends Bobby and Kei from Imaginism studios and will be in attendance for the show. Looking forward to meet you everyone at the show!

More info to come soon and I will post my piece here whenever it is released on the website.


Hyein Lee said...

Hello Kitty?!?! My favourite character!!!! :D
Can't wait to see your submission~

rikit said...

yay~~! royal T gallery is one of my favourite galleries, can't wait to see more than just previews of your piece

Lettie Lo said...

yayy <3

Peter Hong Chan said...

hyein: are you serious? didn't know its ur favourite.. lol

rikit: cool, their food looks really good too... can't wait to check it out.