Thursday, December 10, 2009

A night of colors

Not too long ago, I had the pleasure to jam with two creative talents, Tessar Lo and Erika Danusasmita to experiment with a bunch of media. A night dedicated to good music, drinks and paint.

Its nice to draw and paint to bring out the inner child for a night. Enjoying the process and not worrying about the results.

Here are some photos. Courtesy of Mr. Lo


Cyprian said...

Z O M G |(O) o (O)| ...I so totally see you! Now I know how you look!

Neat stuff buddy. Sounds very fun, refreshing, and therapeutical. Your little group exercise looks like a nice way to relax and appreciate art all over again.

$*_@!#E!! We need some of this at's all stress and hate for the last several months.