Friday, April 29, 2011

Freshly painted

Starting today, i've decided to do at least a one week daily update on my blog.
Most of the things I will be posting are sketchbook drawings or paintings, but I may also be sharing anything from a study, a work in progress, a thumbnail, a paragraph of thoughts & discoveries, collages, or photos of my most current working spaces.

Just wanted to keep the blog fresh and going, there are a lot of daily things that aren't normally posted or seen. However, for a little while now, I am really enjoying the process of working and making art. Sometimes there is something about the rough, the thumbnail or concept paintings that I feel are extremely lively and important. While the finished works are nice to post, I feel that process and research work has a life of its own.

So lets start this off today, here is something from my sketchbook.

"too long"
approx 7'' x 5''
mixed media (inks, graphite, and old paper)

Another, tomorrow.
Have a great weekend everyone.


Scott Altmann said...

lovely sketch Peter. Looking forward to seeing regular updates from you. I totally agree too - there's a purity in the rough / process work that often gets lost in the polished my opinion :)

Pat said...

Really love the expression on her face, and the splash of colour.
I'll be waiting to see all your updates :)
thanks for sharing Peter.

Hyein Lee said...

Beautiful drawing! As always. xo

Chanp said...

@Scott - thx man. yea, gonna try to post more rough and process work. Should be fun!

@Pat - thanks for the kind words pat!

@Hyein - thanks hyein :)

Heidi Alamanda said...

that's one lovely sketch, Peter. Her expression is so sweet. xo

Chanp said...

Thanks Heidi, glad you like it. ;)

Rafael Sarmento said...

MAN, how did I missed this??? I'm feeling like an ass. SO INSPIRING and mind refreshing to see your studies Pete, makes me wanna draw instantly! It will be amazing to have a more regular posting of your works... cheers man!

Chanp said...

Hey Raf, Thanks man. Glad ya like it!