Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"From Then To Now" Oil Painting & Spectrum Fantastic Art LIVE!

"From Then To Now"
8'' x 10''
Oils and Gold Leaf on Wood

Here is a new Oil Painting I recently finished and varnished.


The idea of this piece is to juxtapose new and old culture, the traditional japanese elegant kimono with contemporary earphones as a western oil painting. How the times have changed, but some things remain to be remembered. 

Thank you to Spectrum, this will be included in their upcoming 19th Annual.
I will also be displaying it at the Spectrum Fantastic Art LIVE Event coming up in Kansas City on May 18-20 (This weekend).

Here is a flyer of the show from Imaginism Studios. Click here for more info.


Rafael Sarmento said...

AMAZING painting man, as it simply could'nt be different. ;^D

All my best wishes for the Spetrum Live man, I'll try to attend next year!

Nicholas Hong said...

awesome work Peter! Good luck with Spectrum Live!

Joyce said...

Beautiful painting! Nice frame choice too, it matches really well. :)

Have fun in Kansas!

Chanp said...

Thanks everyone. Glad you like it!