Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Personal Wednesday: Continued Process

Its Personal Wednesday!
Here are some photos of the piece in it’s finishing stages, adding some finishing touches.

Recently, I’ve been very inspired by the ideas of astrology and dreams. The connectedness of nature, thoughts, and memories that manifests out of our mind. I will talk about this more as I post the upcoming paintings I have lined up to finish.

I should also be posting the final image of this one soon.


Alexiev said...

I like your work ... That's good to see the process ... And enjoy watching you work ... is always something magical ... Thanks for the comment on my blog ... I invite you to see the other ...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...
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KI-KE said...

Wow thanks for visiting my spot. You work is mind blowing. Truly gorgeous and poetic. Thanks so much for sharing your process. Take care.