Thursday, September 27, 2012


11 x 14”
graphite & acrylics on paper

Our thoughts and memories always play tricks on us.

Here is a drawing I contributed for a group show in Portland to celebrate the Iconic television painter ‘Bob Ross’.

The show opens tomorrow (Thursday, Sept 27th) in Portland, come by to see the show at Screaming Sky Gallery if you are in the area!

The show will be on until October 21st, 2012.


Scott Altmann said...

so cool - love this!

I said...

"Our thoughts and memories always play tricks on us." To connect the quote and drawing, it make me think about how people trick themselves to focus on instinct action(like sexual activity) to survive and grow slowly. It made me think about a lot of stuff. Interesting drawing.

Chanp said...

Thank you for the comments!

To 'I', thats a great analysis, thanks for sharing! i am glad it intrigued you to think. I am always interested in what my work translates to in people's thoughts.