Friday, February 09, 2007

cg of the week?

ok heres one for this evil girl with no eyes i guess..kinda random.. was playing around in this program called art rage and ended up finishing it in photoshop..


Letz said...

maybe an indication of her eyes would be good :)

GHGraphics said...

woooo nice rendering man... very good.

Jack Shepherd said...

peter chan! yeah nice painting. the missing eyes bothers me a bit though! the skull is a nice touch.

Ken McCuen said...

Hey, I love how you worked the lighting and the colors. The mist feels very real as well.

Good job.

And in response to your comment in my blog... I don't think I got to see your recipe one either. You should post it!

Peter Chan said...

hey thanks for the comments guys

lettie- hmm u're right maybe i should at least show a lil of it o.o

garret-thanks man glad u like it. =)

jack - thanks, ya i guess i really should add in the missing eyes LOL

ken - thanks =)hehe the recipe..i'll post it soon. need ot touch up on a few things first o_O