Monday, November 05, 2007

Little Red Wolf Hood Sketch

Heres a sketch i finished and got approved by Harvey..gonna try to paint this with oils on wood i think as he suggested. Hopefully it turns out good so i can use this piece maybe for my year end show. Hmm and still need some ideas for decorative patterns in this piece..


Jinny Liang said...

Hey Peter, the sketch looks great! Just watch out a bit on the eyes so that she isn't cross-eyed (she looks a little bit here).. mm as for patterns.. perhaps checking out some of James Jean's illusts for pattern ideas? your piece has a bit of the Fables look.. mm I think there are some patterned papers at currys downtown and loomis u could probably check out too :)
Can't wait to see the final painting~~~

Peter Chan said...

hey jinny, thanks for the comment. good thing u see it at this stage before i start painting. XD

hmm good suggestions i'll look into them as well. I think i got some of those patterned paper from hieng before, lemme dig em up XD