Sunday, November 25, 2007

Red Wolf Hood progress

Went to Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera's dragon sketches show today for the launch of their new Dragon Sketches book and it was awesome! Lots of great originals on display and this new book is for sure now their best book out yet. The show is at Labyrinth so go check it out if you haven't already.

Here are some photos of progress shots of my painting in progress...probably will use it for grad show..if it ends up turning out nicely.

I also want to mention today about some quotes my friend jinny posted on her can check them out "here" For the most part, they are quotes with lots of wisdom, its always inspiring to see them. I also want to note about the michelangelo story she mentioned...its very interesting because many of us start doing art late some people compare themselves with young artists whom they think draws or paints better than them...then they start thinking they are not good enough or they won't make it..etc etc. Personally I think it doesn't matter when u start doing art. All you need to know is if you like it..then do it...its never too late to start. I've met a few artists in the past who started drawing and painting when they were 30s or 50s...and with hard work they soon became strong artists. Hard work over talent always.

A few years ago when I was tutoring little children in art, i came across a lady who was around 50 years old and suddenly realized she really wanted to learn...she told me that she never had the chance because she was married early and then had children. There was just too many responsibilities in the house with her crappy job on the side...taking alll of her time away. Finally now, her children are grown up and she has freetime she can finally do something she love, art.

Personally, I have been doing it when I was pretty young. But in my early days, elementary...and most of highschool...i also spent a lot of time on playing games, doing nothing every day, ICQing, and so on...lots of time wasted where i could be doing art. I think back now and there are always regrets. But then i think, ok what if all my time now...I make good use of it? What if i draw 10 hrs a day now? What if i just take a few hours every day and just draw what i draw, then i will never regret about this time. What matters is now, not what will happen with ur art in the future...or what happened in the past. In the end its all about how much u love doing what you do. I truly believe that anyone who has the passion to work hard in something, one day, there will be something rewarding to come.


Lettie said...

inspiriing.. somtimes its hard though life gets into the way i supposed me and u are still fortunate to be exposed in art during high school eh

yanimator said...

liking your lines on this one.

i've commented on jinny's blog regarding my opinion on this. but yeah we all feel that way sometimes. i've seen people who weren't so great when they graduated, just an average joe student but who have excelled since then.

it's how much work we put into it. a large part of it being passion and inspiration. a more mature mind has higher capacity of learning greater things. if we put all there is into learning what IS important now, there is so much more we can comprehend and take in, than compared to at an early age.

Jinny Liang said...

Hey Peter,
I'm glad my post was able to spark some inspiration and reflection. And thank you for the link!

Definitely, hard work over talent.

And another thought to add. It may be difficult and very hard for an artist that starts later, but it is not impossible. In reference to Bobby's lecture in class the other week about now to set "limits" on ourselves. I think that applies. None of us should set limits to how great of artists we can be or how much we can improve no matter where we start.