Saturday, February 09, 2008

Vinyl Graffiti Show, another piece

So tomorrow night is the opening of the vinyl graffiti show. Its going to be a night of fun at the labyrinth.

Anyway, me and my friend Nick recently had the chance to collaborate on a 3-cover connecting piece, which will also be at the labyrinth show opening.

In other news, a group of us recently put up a small show at the student gallery at Sheridan. Photos of some of the work that was up is posted at the official Sheridan illustration blog which can be found here.

Again, the opening reception of the show is at the Labyrinth Store on Feb 9th from 7-10pm. The show will be up for a month.


Hyein Lee said...

Oh geez, Peter.
I think I say it too much, you must be tired of me. But you are so damn talented!!!

Arg, I missed the vinyl graffiti show. I was so looking forward for it. But my car battery died and no jump cables :(
So sad...

Lainey said...

sorrry i couldn't make it!! i forgot i had a dinner that night >_<

if i can get over there sometime after classes..i'll go check it out :)