Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yin and Yen project

Time for some art update! Heres a piece for a small personal project I am currently working on collaboratively with my friend Jack. Here is part 1 of Yin and Yen...not finished yet but i am working on the white mask and jack is working on the black mask right now.


Hyein Lee said...

I saw that piece on Jack's desk!
I love it. I forgot to compliment you. You and Jack work well together. The contrast of style is very interesting in the piece. I hear more collaboration projects with you and Jack are coming. I can't wait to see.
You should make tonnes and have a gallery show!

Yuta said...

team work eh??
looking good peter!
we should totally collaborate sometime soon!!

Oliver Dominguez said...

Nice work man! I love that its a collaboration. Keep it up man looks nice.



Peter Chan said...

hyein: thanks for your comment hyein! Yea we are gonna be doing at least 1-2 more to finish the series. hope it'll turn out ok.

It'd be cool to make a lot haha hopefully before the end of this school year

yuta: hey man, thanks!! yea team collaboration pieces are fun, i'd love to collaborate with u too man!! lets do it!

oliver: thanks for commenting, glad u like them. :)

JuanCarlos said...

Looking like its coming along very nicely, What is this project all about?

Peter Chan said...

hey juan, thanks for the comment.
the project is just for fun between me and jack, we just started painting masks and then incorporated a yin/yen theme to it.

fun stuff.