Friday, August 01, 2008

Hopeful Protector

We need more of these guys in our society..(and did i ever mention i love drawing turtles?)

Anyways, bought a nice new sketchbook while I was in LA, so i can paint in my sketchbook.. allowing me to play with ink washes, acrylic glazes, etc again.

This is going to be a future painting..but for now gotta finish working on my submission for Chaos 2 and square foot show.

More to update soon.


Lisa Tao said...

yayy turtles =D i love land turtles. do land turtles!!
whats chaos2? o_O

Rey O said...

a very nice turtle! i like them too:-)

can't wait to see more,


Anonymous said...

pretty different from the other stuff, but very nice drawing.

keep em coming!

Peter Hong Chan said...

lisa: haha ok land turtles next time! chaos 2 is an anthology put together by some of the illustration students in my year, remember the book i had for sale at AX?

rey: thanks, nice to find fellow turtle-loving-artists...haha

anon: thanks, yea kinda experimenting for fun again.

Francis said...

Cool stuff. All illustrators seem to have their own animal...i need to find an animal for me to draw! btw, what do you use to glue bfk onto wood panels?

Peter Hong Chan said...

thanks francis.
you can mount the bfk onto the wood either either matte medium or spray mount. i suggest matte medium. tell u more about it on msn..incase u wanna stretch ur paper too.