Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Two shows coming up this saturday.

This weekend is going to be busy. I'll be in contributing a few pieces in these shows this coming Saturday in Toronto..

One is the annual 'squarefoot' show at AWOL gallery, and the other is the summer showcase bonanza show at Whippersnapper Gallery.

Square foot 2008 at AWOL Gallery.
Come check out the annual Square Foot Show at Awol Gallery. 600+ artist works on 12" by 12" panels.
This Saturday, August 16th @ 100A Ossington Ave,. 2nd Floor 7PM

Whippersnapper Summer Showcase Bonanza
This Saturday, August 16th @ 587A College Street 8PM


Hyein Lee said...

So did you make some mooooney in Baltimore?

Yesh, see you at the Square Foot Show!!

Peter Hong Chan said...

hey hyein, luckily i made some was fun this year cause so many friends went , you should've came!!

yup, see u at square foot!!!

Hyein Lee said...

Oh damn! I so wanted to go!!!
But too much work (nothing that pays though) this summer.
I'm definitely going next year.
I'm glad you had fun and made some moooney!

Peter Hong Chan said...

ahh u should definitely come with us next year! it'll be fun :)

what kinda work are you working on right now? we'll catch up tomorrow!