Friday, September 05, 2008

Natural Affinity (work in progress)

Here is another piece I am working on right now. Concept is again nature x human interaction and the idea of life and energy giving from our natural environment.

Here is the defined drawing and the first layer of acrylics + colored inks... working a bit differently this time, instead of painting on wood with oils and acrylics like most of the other pieces i've done, I decided to experiment a bit and try painting on paper again..

Fun stuff...I'll post more wip on this piece soon or the final...


Jinny Liang said...

ooh this one is beautiful Peter. The whole concept sort of reminds me of the statues of Guan Yin from the buddhist temples. :)

Hyein Lee said...

Holy Shit!
Peter Chan!
This is another amazing painting. It's inspiring to see your stuff, Peter.

Did your art at Square Foot sell?

pete ryan said...


Peter Hong Chan said...

jinny: Thanks glad you like it. Those are part of the themes i'm currently exploring..hehe.

Hyein: Thanks, hyein. Glad you like it. Hmm not sure if the pieces are square foot sell or not...have to find out on monday..while i am there it wasn't sold yet i think.

Pete: thanks!


this new series is great!

ps. you did some great stuff in class

Dominique Fung said...

i like this!! great colours keep it up

im watching you O.O stare! ps. it was nice bumping into you at school

Peter Hong Chan said...

jeff: thanks man. glad u like the work. your class was awesome..gonna post about it soon.

dom: thanks, nice seeing ya in school..haha i'm watching u too. :P

Johnathan Floyd said...

Love the comparison of the line art and the color work. An excellent piece.