Monday, September 29, 2008

Update!!! Silkscreening and NYC!

Sorry guys, been away for a bit.

Lots to update on...also a lot of things in progress...some upcoming things to prepare for..etc.

I've just recently finished a course by the amazing Jeff Garcia on silkscreening. Hes a great silkscreen artist/teacher in the Toronto his work. It was great to finally get my hands dirty and try was always something i wanted to learn...took the course with my friends Hieng and Lettie.

Here are some of the results..of the class..was fun! (Photos are courtesy of Lettie's blog)

And heres a shirt design I did, had 12 of these shirts available for sale at the NYC convention and its now sold out!! Thanks to all who came out and bought a shirt! Also thanks to my friend Hieng for silkscreening em and selling them at his booth! A second batch of shirts will be in the works.

Anyways, the past 2 weeks have been pretty busy, but it was all good fun. Went to Atlanta 2 weeks ago and just returned from New York City yesterday.

One of the highlights of my New York trip was meeting one of my favourite game design/animation illustrator Yoshitaka Amano, a illustrator legend for the famous Final Fantasy series and the Vampire Hunter D series. Also had the pleasure to meet Hideyuki Kikuchi, the writer of Vampure Hunter D and last but not least the iron chef of japan, Masaharu Morimoto.

Things I had them sign in respective order.. Amano, Kikuchi, Morimoto


Lettie Lo said...

haha !!! yay updates!! should post ur record painting too love that one :)

Joseph Lee said...

The shirt designs look great!

Hyein Lee said...


Awesome tshirt designs!

Peter Hong Chan said...

thanks guys. glad you like the shirts.

hyein: hehe yea i did meet amano :)

GOATZ said...

omg you got to meet Amano ;__; that's mad awesome. *jealous.