Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hey everyone,

Just wanted to do a quick post today to thank everyone who came out last night to support the event. Ashita was a great success and it was an amazing turnout, not to mention the great food donated by Guu Izakaya and great performances.

Throughout the night, I had talked to some people who had actually experienced part of the quake in Japan and was there when it happened. And still, many of them are a bit shaken up about it. Let us be hopeful that things will get better for all these people and families currently affected by this unfortunate event.

I was able to take some photos of the event for those who missed it. I have posted them on my Flickr account. Unfortunately I was busy in the gallery room most of the hours and missed a few of the great performances.

Please also check out this other set of photos from Hirata as well.

Here are the two pieces I contributed for the event.

6'' x 6''
Graphite and Acrylics on tea-stained paper, framed

A New Birth
9'' x 11''
Graphite on tea-stained paper

Thank you to the new owners of these pieces. All of proceeds went to support the Red Cross Fund to help Japan.

Finally, many thanks to Rafi, Daisuke, and all the organizers and people who came out to the event. Hope we can all do our best to help a country in need.


Heidi Alamanda said...

Beautiful pieces for a great cause. Those titles really fit to those pieces, Peter. Let's be hopeful:)

Scott Altmann said...

great pieces for a great cause. Love them -s.

Chanp said...

@Heidi: Thanks, glad you enjoy them :)
@Scott: Thanks buddy!

Janurary said...

beautiful pieces Peter!

Tim Robinson said...

Excellent work, and thanks for commenting on my blog.

Chanp said...

Thanks January & Tim!