Friday, May 06, 2011

Belong To.

Friday! And this concludes the one week promise of daily postings.
I may be posting a little less frequent now depending on current schedules, but i may start up again with dailies another time or another week.

"belong to."
Mixed Media


Hyein Lee said...

Beautiful! I love this painting. :D

Pat said...

How did you do those stars, they look so beautiful and I understand why the boy is following them. And the face of the sky parting it's time between day and night, always watching over its stars, is really nice.
The left bottom corner, I don't know if it was on purpose or it came out as a rorschach ink result, cause I can see a face, and clouds, birds, branches... magic.

I'm really happy of this week, candy after candy like only you can give.
I'll be waiting to see what else you post in the future.

Sorry for the long comment, too many things to see and my mind went crazy.

Hannah Bacalla said...

This is very beautiful, Peter. I am happy that you are updating your blog everyday. You inspire me. :)

Scott Altmann said...

love this one! could be a painting on a wall and not just in your sketchbook.

Chanp said...

@Hyein - glad you like it :)
@Pat - wow, what a description, i really like it, especially hearing how other people see my work. I do use the roschach ink result sometimes since i do pressed paint for textural effects. I am glad to hear that you see the other objects and things inside too. Thank you for the comment, and I love long comments :)

@Hannah - thank you, i am humbled that it inspired you. :)

@Scott - thanks man, i think I may do a bigger version of this piece, just hoping it will turn out similar in a bigger scale.

Pat said...


Shelley Whiting said...

An intriguing and hypnotic piece.. Wow I love all the layers of color. The textures are very beautiful and amazing.

Heidi Alamanda said...

It's one magical work, Peter. Love to see your sketchbook even more:)

Jade said...

So in Italy, I tried really hard to use acrylic in my sketchbook, trying to mimic what you had but I failed.

your amazing craftsmanship especially in regard to carefully carried out strokes( perhaps not always on purpose) is always an inspiration.

Laura Braga said...

I really like this your latest painting! Great great work Chanp, congrats!! ;)
See U again and good work!