Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Young Sienna

Here is Tuesday. Reflects the weather, gloom.

"Young Sienna"
4.25'' x 5.5''
Inks on paper


Jeannie said...

That color is killer. I really like the simple strokes in parts of the artwork.

Keep it up. :D

George Bletsis said...

Really powerful simplicity in the strokes here, awesome stuff. All the recent posts have been a real treat ;)

Pat said...

It's like Sienna's sleeping in warm and quiet gold

Chanp said...

@Jeannie: thanks jeannie. :)
love sienna inks.

@George: thanks man, glad you enjoy the work. its been fun doing this everyday as well as sharing them.

@Pat: great description, as always. :D

James said...

nice brush strokes buddy!


Sandree said...

like! love the brush strokes! there's a lot to learn from you..haha..

Chanp said...

Thank you James & Sandree!