Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Darkworld of Joss Kazuki

During this break, I had some time to touch up some pieces I worked on from Thom’s Altered Ego here is one.

Technically what we had to do with this piece is..we were given a photo of a character and then write in a passport application for him/her as well as decide on what their interest's are, their career, and how their personal life is like. Then we create pieces throughout to tell and unfold the story of this person, their past, present and future.

My character is called Joss Kazuki, and he is a half american half japanese guy who is part of a rock band called 'black souls'. It is a band composed of 4 members, 2 guitarists, a drummer, and a singer. Joss himself is one of the two guitarists of the band. From the description I was given for this particular was something along the lines of 'your character creates and artistically works on his own cd/album covers, his most memorable one being...the one during his 1 year separation with his wife...the album cover..looks...' so with that...i created this piece.
Oh the Guitar i posted earlier was also for this project...there will be more posted later on to unfold the whole story of this character.

So heres the CD album cover i 'Joss Kazuki' haha..i tried to show the dark world he lives in and the missing piece of the puzzle in his life during the time when his wife left him. There are some writing and possibly hidden messages in this piece. It is actually kinda autobiographical...but a bit personal and too much to get into.

This piece was done with acrylics, inks, and...alcohol..i mean.. haha japanese i was drinking it.. i wanted to see the effects of it with ink, lol. Finished in Illustrator and Photoshop.

And..if I don't update again before Christmas, I wish all of you a nice warm holiday!

maybe..i will try to update something happier before christmas haha.


Jinny Liang said...

Happy holidays to you too Peter!
lol I thought of Heroes for a second when I first read through your description of your character. He could so fit in that world with the puzzles his wife left him. =)

J. Fiorino said...

Your work is sick! I'm going to add you to my links. I'm impressed. you have good sense of design as well. Keep it up!

Goddess Boutique said...
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Lainey said...

merry christmas peter ^^

oh that's absolutely gorgeous...beautiful ^^ i like how it's all dark and stuff =o

Cyprian said...

Merry Christmas Pete! You crazy Illustrator kids! lol much has changed...looks like it's for the good :) Awsome stuff.

PS - sorry for keeping low...turns out that I'm having a very hard time recovering...thanks for asking about me. You're an amazing friend.