Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Labbits Labbits Labbits and Red Wolf Hood Update

Labbits are coming to town!
haha..a bit late...maybe. Happy Boxing Day everyone. Hope most of you got what you want. Its been a very long day for me, walked around downtown Toronto all day and night!

You've prob heard about the Munny's and Dunny's. Today, while shopping for boxing day...I was able to get my hands on some of these Labbits from Urban Outfitters on Queen Street, Toronto. They were 75% off from the original price because they are christmas labbits, but you can easily remove the christmas accessories and they can turn back into normal labbits! (yes, the Christmas canes are removable) Super deal! So... I bought a few, some of these aren't mine actually..some are for friends and one is for my sis. But yea..go check em out the next few days if you want, they have lots of em..they should be still on sale so you can still get one i think.

Should be fun when i have the time to paint them and make my custom Labbits!

And its been a while...since i've updated progress on the Red Wolf Hood Painting. Here's another progress shot..

Lots of things still need to be worked on, and also still need to decide on overall lighting of the piece. Lots of detailing to do as well...hopefully finishing this up soon.


Lainey said...

those are adorable =o i usually see them with a cigarette lol

but they are soo cuute waah!

hope you got lots of stuff on boxing day ^^

Leslie Chan said...



haven't been to your blog for awhile~

i found out that u got a lot of COOL Work Rolling~~
(by the way, i have sent u a postcard from Japan. if u got it, msn me, just let me know if u got it or not~)


u also can have a chance to see the live of Luna Sea~
u just need to order the upcoming Luna Sea Live DVD on Mar 26 2008~
then u will know how crazy i am in that day~XDDD
(even though i don't think u will see me on that DVD~XDDD)