Saturday, January 05, 2008

Busy time and Rogers Interview

First off, Happy new year everyone.

2007 passed by so fast. Can't believe its already 2008. Lots of new plans in this new year. Lots of work i want to get done and new things i want to try out. I don't really have any special new years resolution, but to work harder and keep drawing and painting.

I am currently working on my personal portfolio website, hopefully i can have it up by monday or latest tuesday morning. At least a simple layout and a few pieces of work on the website.

I am also excited and happy to say that I recently received a call from Rogers Television, whom invited me as a guest to go on their show called 'Daytime' on January 8th, this upcoming Tuesday!
They told me they got my card when i was at the Heroes Painting even in the summer. So they want me to maybe do a demo to teach the hosts some painting and perhaps and interview to talk about new work and the upcoming events. Exciting stuff, hopefully I don't make stupid mistakes, haha.

Again, the show is called Daytime and will air on January 8th at 11am, then a rerun on 4pm, and then again on 11pm.

Rogers channel is channel # 63 for me. But that might be different depending on where you live.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and a great and exciting new year.
I will update with new work soon. XD


Cyprian said...

Hey, congrats Pete! That's awesome...pretty funny where they spotted you :) See what happens when you get out just a little bit? Goodluck, and I hope it all goes through.

Peter Chan said...

Hey Cyp! Thanks, I hope it'll be ok when i get there. yea i was kinda surprised when i got the call, hehe. Getting out is always fun, and lets mee up soon! :)

Lainey said...

that's so awesome!!! i must see peter on tv :)

yanimator said...

Congrats, I saw this the other day. couldn't find a VHS on hand, but I grabbed my digital cam and recorded it so I can show Jinny! Nice feature!

Peter Chan said...

Thanks Lainey and Kevin

LOL kev, u used a digital cam to record TV? O_O wow man..crazy!

Lainey said...

GUYS upload the video somewhere so we can see <3