Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Personal Portfolio Website

I've been working the past few days to try to get my site up. Tried to keep it simple.
So heres a temporary launch...for my website.

There is still a lot I'd like to change and tweak but for now...here it is. http://www.peterchanart.com/

Hope it loads ok for most of you.

Also here is another 'near final' update of the red wolf hood painting. I am putting it off for a bit. I still want to touch it up here and there some more..but a bit busy right now to do it.


Jinny Liang said...

I like how your art website is looking Peter. The way you labeled your artworks looks pro. ;)!! By chance, did you test your website on Firefox on 1280x1024 resolution? The main table which contains the body of your website doesn't align to the border of your top menu. But it seems to look fine when I resize my Firefox window to smaller.

Good luck on your TV interview today! =)

Peter Chan said...

Hey Jinny, thanks i'm glad you like it. Still a bit i need to change. but yea..i know what u mean about that main table...because thats how it looks on my monitor.. >.>
like how the white part doesn't extend right? haha
That part was technical difficulty >.>

JHO said she likes how that looks..but hmm i dunno.

and thanks. XD it went ok i think.

Lainey said...

i like it :)

since you have a website you should consider moving your blog onto your server and then you can get rid of that ugly blogger toolbar at the top.

it's really easy...ask me on msn if you need help :)

Peter Chan said...

lainey: true..i should prob just put my blog on my site..but yea i will need ur help with that..i have no idea how to do all these coding things...lol

Shawn Escott said...

Wow, great painting and concept. Amazing work!