Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quick sketch update.

Sorry for the lack of updating the past week or so, things have been quite busy over here. Recently had the pleasure to display two of my pieces along with a few friends (Elise, Hieng, Dave, Hyein, Daisy, and StudioQube) in the student gallery here at Sheridan. It was fun and the display turned out pretty nice, thanks to Julia Breckenreid for making this student gallery possible.

The show was just taken down a day or two ago. I will update with pictures soon.

Anyway, what do you think of when you see the image below? What word do you think of? Its part of a rebus I am working on for 'Rethink' whom are promoting the grad show for us this year.

And.. here are some sketches I did while I was on the subway on the weekend and from my monday lecture.

Stay tuned, more to come soon :)


Cyprian said...
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Cyprian said...

Lack of updating!? You're dropping the ball Peter!! Dropping the ball! :P

The brain there...isn't that the classic imagery for 'thought'?...I might also think realization, meditation, reflection, understanding, reasoning...

Btw, I really like the man in the glasses on the sketch page. Looks tight *thumbs up*

Oh, and who is this StudioQube anyway?...sounds awesome *roll-eyes + whistle + kick dust + run-away*

Lainey said...

i thought 'brain' right off the bat >_<

GhettoTree said...

its a walnut!

Peter Chan said...


hey cyp haha...yea.. u got it.. its supposed to stand for 'thought' or 'idea'. good...hmmm.

anyways...yea who is studioqube anywya? hahahahha sounds like a fun place! >_>