Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Angela Bury?

Here is a new piece I worked on recently for an upcoming group show at the Labyrinth Store in Toronto. I had to take an original old vinyl record album cover and paint over it (as you can see in the before image posted here). It was fun working on this piece, just a simple piece to paint and relax. Had fun playing around with inks and textures.

The group show is called 'Vinyl Graffiti' which will happen sometime in January featuring about 30 artists. Some artists who are taking part in this so far includes Harvey Chan, Jack Shepherd, Hyein Lee, and Elise Trinh. Actually Elise just posted hers up on her blog as well i think, she did a really nice piece so go check it out too.

Random, I was at the movie theatre the other day to check out 'Enchanted' and noticed the movie 'Sweeney Todd'? is apparently coming out i think, now I wonder if I just painted over a potential valuable album cover. Haha

Done with Acrylics and India Ink

Before: (The Sweeney Todd Cover)

After: (The finished painting)


Simon Kim said... kinda turns me on guhhhhh

Lettie said...

wow love this piece!
is it arcylic.... ?

Lainey said...

wooow that's awesome! you guys are so talented <3

Jinny Liang said...

This turned out cool Peter! haha.. I already commented earlier =)!

oh and I can't wait to see ur red wolf hood painting~ did you finish?

Peter Chan said...

thanks for the comments guys.

lettie: yea, its acrylic lol.

jinny: thanks for your help earlier on it with the crits, yea i pretty much finished the red wolf hood painting. debating to post it or not and save it for grad show surprise..hmmm

Ben said...

That's really cool. For your portfolio, i'd take out the bits from the original maybe and just have your work. It's a lot better anyways :)

Peter Chan said...

Wow, Ben, thank you very much for commenting on my blog. I really enjoyed your lecture 2 weeks ago for the business class. I love your work! I am very honoured and flattered you commented here. Thanks!