Thursday, April 03, 2008

Art Jamming tomorrow!

Quick update. It's the 2nd Sheridan Art Jam. Just thought i'll post here incase anyone didn't know about this.

8pm. Tomorrow night (April 4th) at the Sheridan Connexion.

Quoted from the facebook group:
"The biggest, most badass Art Jam Sheridan has ever seen has returned.

After a long dry spell for the ConneXion's night events, the pub is kicking things up a notch, starting April off right with the second ever Art Jam.

You want breakdancers? We got 'em. Artists? Try and move an inch without finding 6. Music? You bet your ass we have music!

Most people would easily trade their organs or first borns in payment to attend an event like this. But wait! You lucky folk, you get in for free! Completely. Totally. Free.

Invite everyone you know, help to make this even better than the first one!


Also, thanks to my friend Yuta, I finally successfully mounted the chaos' pieces onto wood now. The paper is nice and flat on the wood now.


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