Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tonight is the night

the night has finally came..

Sheridan gradshow tonight (7pm-1am) and tomorrow (3pm-10pm) @ Burroughes building 639 Queen Street West, Toronto.

my business cards and mailers/postcards are in as well, so be sure to grab one when you come by! I have plenty to give away.

See you tonight, or tomorrow night.

And on a totally random note...apprently our rebuses have been appearing randomly everywhere in downtown Toronto...
(photos courtesy of Matt Danko's from facebook)

("let us show you our world")

("Let us open your eyes for one night.")

("We'll draw for you")

("We can open your eyes.")

("We'll draw for beer.")


Dominique Fung said...

it was fun posting those up. Cops almost got us!!!!!

booo I didn't get one of your promotions :( You're board looked really good ^^ No more school for you!! Have a great summer in JAPAN!

Lainey said...

peter it was an awesome show! i'm going to miss you when you're off to japan!!! don't get drunk every night ok?

Peter Chan said...

lol dom, thanks for helping us again.

thanks for the comment about my board, if you'd still like a promo you can always grab it from me at ax or something! hahaa i'll be bring them with me to give them out at conventions. were you missing the postcard?

Thanks, I hope i won't get lost in Japan..haha

Lainey: glad you enjoyed it, lol..i'll try not to get drunk too much..lmao