Monday, April 14, 2008

Just for fun...

This is my current workspace...its getting really messy...gotta clean up. haha.

and about time for some art update. Here is a piece I am currently might be used for my mailer which will be available at the show next week. This is actually a second piece after a piece of the similar symbol. I will post that one well as talk about the concept/series i'm working on at the moment.

P.S. One of the reason's i'm not posting much art recently is because i want to keep a few pieces as a sort of surprise at the Sheridan Grad Show...maybe. Anyways, I will post those too really soon on or after the grad show.


gareth adamson said...

Lol @ number 11. Some really nice work there, Peter!

Thomas A said...

nice workspace peter! u should show us what's in the lockerrrrr.

Lainey said...

geez lol

my work desk is filled with papers and textbooks right now studying for exams..

such a big difference =o lol

Peter Chan said...

lol thanks for the comments guys.

thomas: maybe...if u wanna know whats in there...haha

lainey: haha i see...that big of a difference, really?