Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tonight is the night

the night has finally came..

Sheridan gradshow tonight (7pm-1am) and tomorrow (3pm-10pm) @ Burroughes building 639 Queen Street West, Toronto.

my business cards and mailers/postcards are in as well, so be sure to grab one when you come by! I have plenty to give away.

See you tonight, or tomorrow night.

And on a totally random note...apprently our rebuses have been appearing randomly everywhere in downtown Toronto...
(photos courtesy of Matt Danko's from facebook)

("let us show you our world")

("Let us open your eyes for one night.")

("We'll draw for you")

("We can open your eyes.")

("We'll draw for beer.")

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chaos is here!

Chaos volume 1 arrived yesterday. So here comes some shameless plugging. This is the anthology comic where 13 of us sheridan illus students collaborated on. It is now onsale via Comixpress. However, if you buy it from me or one of the contributors, you can get it at the promotional price of $20. It is also available for sale at the Sheridan Grad Show which is happening tomorrow!! For more details check out the website at

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Last week @ the student gallery

Me and Jack had a spot in the student gallery for the last week of the we decided to put these collab pieces up.

Titled: Conversing Masks

Monday, April 14, 2008

Just for fun...

This is my current workspace...its getting really messy...gotta clean up. haha.

and about time for some art update. Here is a piece I am currently might be used for my mailer which will be available at the show next week. This is actually a second piece after a piece of the similar symbol. I will post that one well as talk about the concept/series i'm working on at the moment.

P.S. One of the reason's i'm not posting much art recently is because i want to keep a few pieces as a sort of surprise at the Sheridan Grad Show...maybe. Anyways, I will post those too really soon on or after the grad show.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sheridan Headlines 2008

Wow, time is really rolling. Coming near the end of my last weeks of Illustration at Sheridan.
As you probably know already, all 4th year students are prepping for their grad show now...extremely busy and stressful time. Though I know its gonna be great and everything will work out!

Anyways, here is an sure to come out and see if you're in the area. Its going to be an awesome show.

April 24-25.

(April 24th is opening night, refreshments served free. Drinks available also.)

I also just realized today that I'll be leaving for Japan in less than a month (May 6th) to study at Osaka University for an exchange program and to sightsee a bit...its going to be real busy in the next little while!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Little Surprise

Travis is a magazine for students in the Trafalgar and Davis campus of Sheridan.

Recently, I was told that they decided to use my art (Red Wolf Hood) as the cover of their last issue of the magazine this year. It was a great surprise. Special thanks the guys who decided to use this piece for the mag. Also, thanks for all who told me you liked the piece personally. I am very flattered. This issue has a great amount of previews that leads to the upcoming sheridan headlines show. Lots of great work is in this issue, as some of the 4th year grad book images are used. So go pick one up if you haven't already!

Here are some photos of the interior and the actual printed magazine.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Art Jamming tomorrow!

Quick update. It's the 2nd Sheridan Art Jam. Just thought i'll post here incase anyone didn't know about this.

8pm. Tomorrow night (April 4th) at the Sheridan Connexion.

Quoted from the facebook group:
"The biggest, most badass Art Jam Sheridan has ever seen has returned.

After a long dry spell for the ConneXion's night events, the pub is kicking things up a notch, starting April off right with the second ever Art Jam.

You want breakdancers? We got 'em. Artists? Try and move an inch without finding 6. Music? You bet your ass we have music!

Most people would easily trade their organs or first borns in payment to attend an event like this. But wait! You lucky folk, you get in for free! Completely. Totally. Free.

Invite everyone you know, help to make this even better than the first one!


Also, thanks to my friend Yuta, I finally successfully mounted the chaos' pieces onto wood now. The paper is nice and flat on the wood now.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Tales We Tell Show @ Lonsdale Gallery

This past weekend, went to 'The Tales We Tell' opening art show at the Lonsdale gallery. First time visiting this gallery and I must say it is a very nice gallery. The show was awesome as well. Finally got to see Martin Wittfooth's work in person, that was the highlight for me at the show. :)

Definitely worth going if you are in the Toronto area.

Here are photos.